IPS KalyxX IPS (Ion Polarization System) - Kalyxx is designed for physical-galvanic water treatment for homes, public buildings and industrial plants. Come water hardness means the amount of calcium and magnesium present in the water. IPS KalyxX - not a softener - adds or removes nothing from the water. Preserves all her health benefits and improves her properties. At the same time, effectively prevents the formation of solid scale deposits and corrosion in cold pipes and hot water, on boiler heaters, faucets, appliances and the like. Kalyxx is suitable for new pipelines as a prevention, but also for older ones, where it gradually removes existing deposits.IPS KalyxX forms a flow body with an inlet and an outlet. In it are placed turbine-shaped electrodes (not magnets) of two different electrically conductive materials. The electrode design is patented (TGP® - Turbulent Galvanic Polarization) and creates a swirling flow of water, causing a change in the structure of minerals. up to 4.2 to 6V. As a result, minerals and salts in the treated water lose ability to form hard crystalline deposits (calcite). Acquire soft structure particles - sludge (aragonite) and are washed away with water. This structure is maintained for up to 72 hours.
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IPS KalyxX BlueLine

• Reduces scale formation on plumbing (pipes, valves, taps, shower heads, domestic water heaters) - 76% efficiency.
• New patented TGP technology - Turbulent Galvanic Polarization - NO CHEMICALS, NO EXTERNAL ENERGY
• Suitable for cold (drinking) water
• NRL certificate for direct permanent contact with drinking water
• Health Product - Each part of the IPS is made of a material suitable for contact with drinking water
• Safe product - proven hydraulic properties
• TUS protocol on pressure drop, pressure resistance and strength
• Durable body (1.4301 stainless steel) and inner parts - 5 year warranty
• Silver plated components to prevent bacteria growth

We recommend using the device to treat drinking water. Except for water reduction Stone and corrosion has an antibacterial effect. Silver plated electrodes reduce occurrence bacteria in the pipe. IPS KalyxX removes odors, improves taste and prolongs freshness. It also increases the pH of the water, making it alkaline. It is suitable for long-term drinking. Among other things, it improves metabolism and promotes digestion.



IPS KalyxX RedLine

• Extends the life and efficiency of new and existing water heaters.
• Reduces and prevents scale build-up by 76.3%.
• Easy to install and maintenance free.
• For indoor or outdoor use.
• No external power source required.
• Environmentally friendly, chemical free. • Does not affect water pressure.
• Easily adapts to PEX and other pipe types.
• 5-year limited warranty.

USING KalyxX RedLine / BlueLine
Households, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing and manufacturing plants. It works reliably in heat transfer stations, in the protection of heat exchangers and heat exchangers cooling equipment.



IPS Industry

• A solution for apartment buildings and buildings with higher hourly flow.
• Suitable for direct water-to-water heat pump circuit with high output, for stabilization of the waste water purifier at the manufacturer's guaranteed values.
• Installation at the entrance to the building.
• Cold water supply pipes for central heating at the transfer stations and boiler rooms.
• Prevent blockages of plate heat exchangers and stabilize the specific demand for hot water.
• Stabilization of point corrosion of storage heaters.
The use of IPS Industry is efficient and suitable in any running water operation - washing lines, restaurants, canteens, bakeries, laundries, hairdressers, dry cleaners, swimming pools, dairies, breweries, distilleries, horticulture, irrigation systems and much more. It also works reliably in heat exchangers, water systems, boilers, condensers, generators, heating systems, compressor rooms, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.