aqua ball 

X-BALL is not a spool of washing! It does not replace the laundry but increases its efficiency and has other X properties.

X-BALL – how it works

Without a self-contained "energy" maintenance device, the patented electrode system with various conductive materials, when flowing water through system, it forms a galvanic wet cell. It does not change the chemical composition of water, but modifies its properties so that the detergent dissolves well and effectively removes dirt and odor. Adjusted water properties have the effect that calcium does not occur on the hearth spiral, and the other parts of the washing machine as a hard water strand go away along with water, in the form of fine sludge.



X-BALL - use

For all kinds of washing machines (filled from the top and front)
For all kinds of textiles and all colors
For all temperatures
Simply put the washing machine along with the laundry on the drum
Use 30% less detergent than usual
It is not necessary to use fabric softener to make the garments delicate
Do not add any chemical water softeners or water stones
X-BALL remains in the washing machine throughout the wash cycle



X-BALL - another use

Dishwashers - just insert them into a trash bin. Do not add any chemical water softeners. Protects the dishwasher from water and corrosion. After washing, the white stains of the WC tank do not remain on the ride - it protects against the formation and deposition of water on the drain and inlet valves, seals and ceramics.